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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

First production: 1995
Soil: sandy soils interspersed with granite, gneiss, slate, mica and quartz
Vinification: fermentation and storage in large oak casks (2 weeks) and barrique barrels (1 year) followed by BSA and subsequent storage in large wooden casks (7 months), and bottle sedimentation (24 months); unfiltered
Taste: aromas of wild berries and delicate notes of cherry; finely structured tannins

GL71 | green glas | glass waste
FOR51 | cork | special waste collection or organic waste
C/ALU 90 | polylaminated aluminum capsules | aluminum-metal-waste
PAP20-21 | carton | cardboard waste

Check the regulations of your local community.
Seperate the components and deliver them correctly.

Label: Pinot Noir 2021