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The owners: meet the Pratzner family of wine makers

The pleasure of wine in Naturns

A traditional outlook and attention to detail. Authenticity and innovative tradition.
We proudly continue the work of our ancestors with enthusiasm and passion.

Come to meet us…

… says Franz,

cellar master and distiller.

It is not only the annual rhythm that fascinates me, but also the ability to create something that makes other people happy.

My favourite wine? There is a bottle for every occasion, and every type of wine is unique in its own way.
Quotation Franz

… says Bernadette,

who would have never thought she would end up doing this job.

The vineyards have become my home. They are in keeping with my spirit as a true daughter of nature. Consciously living nature together during all seasons motivates me and gives me great inner satisfaction.

My favourite wine? For me no other wine is so influenced by position, climate and region as Riesling.
Quotation Bernadette

… says Magdalena,

repeating the words of her grandfather, which always accompany her during the promotion of the vineyard.

Working closely with nature, trying new things and being part of the creation of grapes and wine gives me endless joy. Through my role in sales, I have the opportunity to meet many interesting people and ignite their passion about our business.

My favourite wine? Probably Riesling. But Pinot Noir is my secret love: a grape that demands everything from us and forgives nothing, but which in the end rewards us with expressive and elegant wines.
Quotation Magdalena

… says Michaela,

quoting the words of Ernest Hemingway. A message that she also wants to convey through the marketing of the winery.

I was already attracted to this world at a young age. But it was through my travels that I really learned to appreciate my land and the vineyard, and realized how wonderful it is to go back home. On my return trips, I always carry back with me new and fresh perspectives from other countries and different cultures.

My favourite wine? Riesling of course! Its distinct mineral tones conquer me with every sip.
Zitat von Michaela