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Sauvignon retus

First production: 2018
Position: selection of the best Sauvignon grape varieties
Soil: gneiss and granite
Name: the name “retus” derives from “Rhaetia” or “Raetia”, the name of the Roman province. In Celtic “reit” means “mountain country”.
Vinification: fermentation in barrique barrels, storage in French barrique barrels (12 months) and in steel tanks (5 months), followed by bottle sedimentation (31 months)
Type of fermentation: spontaneous fermentation
Taste: fine and elegant gooseberry aroma

GL71 | green glas | glass waste
FOR51 | cork | special waste collection or organic waste
PAP20-21 | carton | cardboard waste

Check the regulations of your local community.
Seperate the components and deliver them correctly.

Label: Sauvginon retus 2019