Riesling - Our flagship

Our Riesling presents a delicate bouquet of yellow fruit and a well-structured acidity, enriched with a pleasing touch of mineral.

Riesling is a late-maturing variety which develops its unmistakable aromas in the higher areas cultivated. The harvest is rigorously by hand during the first half of October. Afterwards, the grapes are processed with great care and transferred to large acacia casks to commence fermentation. Here they remain for ten months to sediment. After bottling, the Riesling remains in store for a further six months.

Area under vines: 6 ha
Altitude: 600-900 m a.s.l.
Vine density: 9000-13000 vines/ha

Wine sheet: Riesling 2016, Riesling 2012 (Private Reserve), Riesling 2015 (Alte Rebe)no longer available